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Local Lake Day Scheduled for 12 July 2021

Hello Locals!

We have had requests for some local options with no camping!

We are happy to accommodate that for you!!!

In order to maintain some type of flow and system we will need to schedule specific days. We are hoping for 1 or 2 per month over the course of the summer. We will have some random options, pending camping cancellations, that we will post.

They will all be first come first serve and we will post them on the local Facebook group pages. If you would like to be added to a newsletter for email updates right to your email box, please send an email to with the title of "Newsletter." Then we will send you the dates available for locals and any updates as we progress in our growth.

We did want to set aside a for sure day and the local day we have scheduled for now is 12 July 2021 and the max participants is 40, book your spot today! Children 3 and under are free.

Book Now at this Link:

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