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AROUND Swell retreat

Direct access to San Rafael Swell known for scenic sandstone formations, desert streams, deep canyons, and incredible panoramas that span 216,955 acres (2000 square miles) of wilderness with road, biking and hiking trails.


Short drive to dozens of mountain lakes in the

Manti-La Sal National Forest

Hiking, Exploring, Biking

-Joe's Valley for hiking, fishing, canyoneering (10 miles)

-The Little Grand Canyon for majestic views (18 miles)

-The Buckhorn Wash: Pictograph Panels (28 miles)

-Swinging Bridge (33 miles)

-Cleveland-Loyd Dinosaur Quarry: largest collection of Allosaurus (35 miles)

-San Rafael Swell (58 miles)


-Swasey's Cabin (63 miles)


-Behind the Reef Trail: cyclist, OHV, ATV, equestrian (81 miles)


-Keesle Country (84 miles)


-Hidden Splendor (86 miles)


-Little Wild Horse Canyon: Slot Canyon  (103 miles)

-Bell Canyon: Slot Canyon (103 miles)

 -Goblin Valley (107 miles)

Boating Reservoirs

3 reservoirs within 20 minutes for boating:

-Joe's Valley (18 miles)

-Huntington State Park (19 miles)

-Millsite  10.6 miles


-Joe's Valley Bouldering features 188 bouldering sites and 9.7 miles of social trails

-Joe's Valley Bouldering Fest is 23-26 September 2021

Golf Courses

- Millsite Golf Course (16 miles away)

-Carbon Country Club Golf Course (41 miles away)

-Palisade Golf Course (93 miles away)

Diners and Markets

-Stewart's Market (.5 mile away)

-Subway (.5 mile away)

-Fatty's (1 mile away)

-R's Pizza (1 mile away)

-Food Ranch (3.7 miles away)

-Cup of Joes (4.8 miles away)

-Grub Box Drive Inn (7 miles away)

-Lamy's Mexican Grill (15 miles away)

-Ponderosa Grill (16 miles away)


-Manti-La Sal National Forest

River and Creek

-San Rafael River

-Muddy Creek

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