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Hearts & Horses Retreat

Our signature retreat that helps you overcome self-limiting and defeating patterns that show up in life from traumatic, distressing experiences, that lead to emotional wounds. We specialize in providing tools and experiences that lead you to creating a life you love!

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Hearts & Horses Retreat

We learn through the horses how to overcome our limiting beliefs, caused by emotional wounds, which leads us to let go and find the way to peace, freedom and our divine purpose.

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Horses and Humans

A horse is very similar to a person genetically: bone structure, horses have 205 bones and we have 206; our brains; our nervous system which controls fight, flight, freeze and fawn; we both are family oriented; we both read and show emotions and recover from our wounds, only horses know how to do it better.

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Horse Magic

Horse hearts connect with human hearts through an electromagnetic field. Scientific studies show this allows our heart rhythm to align with the horses...reducing our blood pressure, heart rate, tension, anxiety, anger and stress; and increasing our trust, social functioning, patience, self efficacy, and our ability to live in the moment.

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2 Day Retreat

Our Hearts & Horses Retreat offers a two-day immersive experience full of scientific knowledge and life experiences. This empowering retreat provides men and women with various methods to navigate new emotional frameworks and integrate their true selves without the hindrance of emotional wounds. Discover your full potential, avoid self sabotage and create a path to fulfilling your divine potential.

Are you Interested In Our Hearts & Horses Retreat?

If you are interested in participating in a case study, with a substantial discount, and are happy to provide an honest review, please opt in below and we will send you more information for your consideration....or if you just want general information updates on retreat schedules there is an option for that in a future email.

Thanks for loving yourself enough to want something better! We will reach out shortly!!

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