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Foster Care Retreat Day

We had a fabulous few hours on 14 Jun 2021 with Emery county Foster Care and their families at the Swell Retreat in Castle Dale, UT. We invited them out to play, have a treat and discuss principles of success! It was a blast! We look forward to supporting at risk non-profit youth groups with love, fun, and principles of success. Part of our heart and mission is creating programs to help children become their best selves! We are absolutely thrilled this was a day of success and the beginning of a journey of love!

"80% of foster care kids end up incarcerated....50% end up homeless."

Lacy was inspired at a business conference that Tim Storey spoke at in May 2021 in Arizona with Pinnacle Global Network, CEO Alison Maslan. Tim began reaching out to youth in at risk demographics at an early age providing them ideas to help them be successful in life. Alison had given conference attendees Tim's new book, Miracle Mentality and Lacy said, "Tim provides a life changing mentality!!" Ben & Lacy love the youth and Lacy realized that she didn't need to have life perfected, now is as good as time as any to reach out in love to help out.

Tim Storey & Lacy J. Hardman (photo above)

Ben has always wanted to do foster care and Lacy had some reservations due to her own children being so young and vulnerable. Lacy had heard on a talk radio a year and a half ago that 80% of foster care kids end up incarcerated at some point in life and 50% end up homeless. Tears filled her eyes and she knew her husband's dream was something they were destine to achieve at some point in life. She still wants to ensure that their children are older before inviting other children into their lives on a permanent basis, so they can adequately love them all at the right season in life, but researched to see how they could help indirectly. Lacy attempted to get them both setup as a CASA and then life got so busy with two businesses and a family it wasn't possible to devote that type of time to make it successful. They have been praying for answers and clarity on how to best use the Swell Retreat to help others and when Lacy heard Tim's inspiring message she realized they could help in a different way and become advocates for foster care children through a unique experience.

Lacy called to coordinate with the Foster Care Group in Emery county, Utah to get something setup for 14 Jun 2021 for the kids and their families to spend a few hours at Swell Retreat on Little Lake Elevate and play on the zip line, Wibit (floating adventure island), kayaks, paddle boards, slip N slide, eat a treat and discuss principles of success.

The kids had a great time, ate a popsicle and Lacy led a discussion on principles of success through relating life to a game. They had a great time hosting through love and they can't wait to host the next one soon!

Ben & Lacy pray everyday that they can use their time, talents, and resources to help elevate others to levels previously unimagined! Lacy believes, "If even only one child gains confidence or courage by going off the zip line into the water or has an idea he or she didn't previously have before visiting the Swell Retreat and then puts a drop of effort into positive action that gets them on a journey of success our community, society, nation and world benefits from that positive ripple!"

Ben has served in youth groups with his church service for nearly two decades. Lacy has been serving as a youth mentor since she graduated high school 20 years ago with Tooele county, Big Brother Big Sister multiple times, and through many youth church callings. Lacy served as an officer in the Army and led 1000s of Soldiers in the nation and deployed to Iraq twice as an officer and once enlisted as a Soldier to Afghanistan. Ben and Lacy both attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Ben is currently in the bishopric charged with leading the youth as his primary role and Lacy currently serves as a Sunday school teacher for 12 to 17 year olds. Salty Peak Real Estate is the primary source of funding for the Swell Retreat and income generated through the Swell Retreat is immediately reinvested into the retreat to continue to add infrastructure and fun. Together they are striving to raise their blended family with a mindset that will enable them to also have a

"miracle mentality" in using their time, talents, and resources to elevate others.

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